From Data Repository to Social Collaboration and Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Due to globalization and corporate conversations adapting from top down one direction broadcasting to collaborative multi-way inclusion, the need for platforms has grown. Employees become engaged in a new social thinking strategy to create a sustainable climate for personal and corporate growth. Corporate intranets where first introduced in the 90s and are at this point inContinue reading “From Data Repository to Social Collaboration and Bridging the Knowledge Gap”

Social Collaboration vs Social Selling

Social Platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook can be an effective tool for finding new prospects or to get your message to potential buyers. However those tools will not help you to engage with your customers in the B2B environment or to guide you through the sales process. Nowadays customers control the buying processContinue reading “Social Collaboration vs Social Selling”

We are still hunderst and collectors

Even if it’s not berries and deer we’re after, our DNA hasn’t changed that much. As soon as food becomes abundant, we get to install a modern update on Darwin’s theory. For survival stops being about physical fitness and turns to center around our mental fitness. In order to survive and gain competitive advantage within the evolution of the modern, networked homo sapiens … we take information as our food.