Now more than ever is the time to take advantage of learning to become stronger for the future.

Katja Schipperheijn
Holostic Approach to an Agile Learning Strategy

We help your business to grow both internally as well as externally with a unique 5 step methodology for continuous improvement. We will support your school, corporate academy or new learning initiative for growth and the transition to a sustainable learning culture thereby implementing an agile learning strategy.

Depending your needs we offer tailored consulting , workshops and keynotes to prepare your organisation for sustainable growth and the transition to an agile learning culture where knowledge flows.

Capability Building

Preparing an organisation for 2030 means making sure you are not tackling future challenges but you pre-empt them. This means ensuring that you have the right people in place, with the right skill set in an unpredictable environment. Habit of Improvement works with you to create a sustainable strategy for talent development and employee engagement .

We carefully examine why and how your organisation should invest their resources. We use assessments and ongoing learning techniques that provide the means to measure progress and results.

Learning Strategies Workshop and Due dilligence
Learning Strategies Workshop and Due dilligence

Learning technologies
Connected Learning

The rise of EdTech and online learning platforms in the future of learning is striking. However, choosing the right technology and understand relevant learning data is essential when developing a connected learning strategy.  Our expertise with innovative technologies supports your strategy for the future of learning.

We help you to support existing infrastructures and integrate new technology. Therefore, we select technology providers or we co-developing new technology tailored to your organisation.

Learning Culture

Motivating employees and guiding them towards a personal growth mindset must be the first priority of organisations that want to be agile towards the future. Therefore, an organisation’s learning curricula is expected to blend different approaches – drawing on internal and external expertise, on new education technology and using both formal and informal methods of skills acquisition.  

We help to support learning should be integrated in the flow of work and live and that supports a personal en corporate growth culture.

Learning Engagement

Let’s build something together.

Habit of Improvement

We are a network of like-minded specialists who share a philosophy of constant learning and knowledge sharing. To support our clients we co-create agile learning strategies and a growth mindset for the future.

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