In a world of ever-faster change, business is no longer a matter of facing the challenges that come your way, but much more of anticipating them. This is only possible if you have the right people, with the right set of competencies in right corporate culture, who can be deployed flexibly. This makes learning to keep up with the times, both as an organisation and for its employees, a strategic necessity.

But how do you build an organisation that adapts nimblely to technological progress and the world around it and at the same time always put your people at the heart of the business.

Workshops are the ideal starting point for change and create the desired sense of urgency in your organisation.  The tailor-made workshops are based on the book The LearnScape, Learning as Oxygen for the Nimble Organisation. Katja Schipperheijn will help you to identify the levers for change in thought provoking sessions that will start of your journey and a habit of continuous improvement.

Below, you find an overview of our current topics that can be used as a starting point. Can’t find what you are looking for, then get in touch with us to see what else we can do for your organisation.

“A session that makes us think beyond the limits and invites us to break down barriers and be visionary and creative. I loved the workshops and especially the honesty of the participants’ comments about a future that is already so close to us, that we need to apprehend with agility and a new and current look. Let’s stay beyond the curve and it starts already with this kind of thinking and this inspiring session of today”

Mounia Cherkaoui
Performance and strategy improvement enabler CANON EMEA

Learning Technologies

Learning technologies or EdTech are on the rise and selecting the right provider or developer for your organisation is a challenge. In this workshop we go back to the opportunity we want to capture with technology and we think about solutions that integrate with our culture and other technologies to become increasingly nimble.

Learning Strategies

Are strategies such as 70-20-10 or new hypes such as hybrid learning the solution for our entire organisation? Is one strategy still tenable in an increasingly rapidly evolving world where new technologies emerge every day? Learning should be a strategic objective for leadership that must be deployed nimble enough to engage everyone on this journey.

The Future of Learning

Organisations are increasingly value-driven and attracting talent is becoming an increasing challenge. Dealing with the future of work such as gig workers is determined by the speed of lean knowledge sharing. Learning in this volatile world takes on an increasingly central role that determines the survival chances of the organisation.

Workshops are always custom made and delivered in hybrid formats.

Let’s build something together.

Habit of Improvement

We are a network of like-minded specialists who share a philosophy of constant learning and knowledge sharing. To support our clients we co-create agile learning strategies and a growth mindset for the future.

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