“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

Albert Einstein

Established in June of 2012, Habit of Improvement is a netwerk of like minded people. We partner with other experts to support our clients and share thought leadership articles to inspire.

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Bridging Learning Ecosystems and E-coaching for Mastery (Part-2)

The human coach becomes the coachee of an artificial coach. It sounds futuristic and for many perhaps frightening, yet it is increasingly becoming a reality. Looking back at the evolution of e-coaching, I see increasing opportunities for organisations that are already looking at the benefits e-coaching has to offer. These organisations are not only lookingContinue reading “Bridging Learning Ecosystems and E-coaching for Mastery (Part-2)”

Learning ecosystems as a remedy to a global recession?

With a global recession looming, executives are seeking refuge in cost-cutting, with learning as one of the first items on the agenda. Yet, it is precisely in times like these that organisations must prepare and be ready to respond nimble to the challenges ahead. Investing in learning is one of the most effective things leadersContinue reading “Learning ecosystems as a remedy to a global recession?”

The Metaverse as inspiration for the Learning Economy

Metaverse may be hype to many, but this creator economy is inspiring learning. Not just for gamers and youngsters on TikTok, but also for more and more adult learners. Organisations that consciously use creator tools to unlock the untapped knowledge potential of their employees will have an edge. Now that these strategies are easier thanContinue reading “The Metaverse as inspiration for the Learning Economy”

Coding or dancing what does it matter for future employability.

Guest blog by Farah Van Bulck It may sound strange when I say that you might equally prepare your children for the future by sending them to dance classes or code camp.   Why do I say that? From experience as a dancer who started dancing when I was four and went to a CoderDojo whenContinue reading “Coding or dancing what does it matter for future employability.”

Are digital skills overrated to thrive in the future?

The debate surrounding the digital skills gap has accelerated in recent years. However, depending on how the digital divide is perceived and which drivers are leading the debate, our focus might take a different direction. Only when we understand this and speak the same language we can propose solutions. And, those might have nothing toContinue reading “Are digital skills overrated to thrive in the future?”


The Metaverse is the end of HRTech, EdTech and MarkTech

Metaverse and Phygital have suddenly become a hype in recent months. Rightly so, because they open doors to the learning organisations that already see the future at a higher level. However, the use of technology to bridge the digital world and the physical world is nothing new, yet we see that the pandemic was aContinue reading “The Metaverse is the end of HRTech, EdTech and MarkTech”


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