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October 16th, 2023
08:00 – 17:00

Price: 898,00 €

Katja Schipperheijn
Internationally recognised innovation and learning strategist and founder of Habit of Improvement

An De Boelpaep
Expert Learning Design Implementation and Learning Ecosystems

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Why should you attend

Working side by side with machines, ubiquitous AI and harnessing the power of data is still not a daily bread for 90% of executives. Yet they seem in no hurry to invest in technological innovations, optimisations and new ways of working that support the future of working and learning from a human-centric approach.

This exclusive Masterclass / Workshop supports the essential factors that make up an agile strategy to survive as an organisation in an increasingly fast-changing world.

The mix of masterclass and executive workshop ensures that after a day of interaction, participants come up with concrete and implementable proposals for continuous improvement themselves that they can deploy in their own organisations.

We do start from various problems and obstacles experienced by participants today. However, through root-cause analysis and design thinking, these are transformed into opportunities that innovation and people-centredness have to offer for organisations that want to shape the future themselves. In doing so, we also transcend silo thinking by linking strategy, HR and Marketing to learning.

Participation is only possible for CEO/COO/CXOs or Senior Executives/Leaders in Innovation, HR and L&D after selection so that participants reinforce each other and experience how all ecosystem stakeholders have an impact on growth.

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Structure of the workshop

PART 1: Why we need to invest in Learning Ecosystems now. 

  • Starting from a root-cause analysis, we approach the problems current organisations are facing to then identify opportunities for improvement. 
  • We draw inspiration from innovations and cases that to many still seem a distant future. This accelerated innovation and the impact on being human is the basis for building human-centric and future-oriented strategies. 
  • Besides technological innovations, we look at other influences that underpin the urgency of nimble learning strategies such as the purpose and data-driven organisation, platform economy, cross-functional working and teams and employer branding to attract and retain talent 
  • Current widely used performance management methods in an increasingly technological ecosystem often seem no longer sustainable. We therefore look at some inspiring cases that link, among other things, 5moments of need or confidence-based learning to AI 
  • Organisations do not change in 1 day, but go through several steps in the learning maturity model. Recognising these steps and linking them to lean learning often provides inspiration for quick win improvement projects. 
  • Why do many innovation projects go wrong and how to prevent that with the Habit of Improvement method for continuous improvement in 5 steps – Discovery, Burning platform, Path to improvement, Joint execution, Future growth and improvement. 

PART 2: Getting started with the building blocks for a Nimble Learning Ecosystem . 

  • The focus in this part of the workshop is to master the techniques yourself to lead a continuous improvement workshop in your organisation. 
  • The problem statements we defined at the start of the day form the basis for the opportunities we will develop further in a Design Thinking workshop using idea charters. 
  • Starting from the principles of Algorithmic Business Thinking, we approach the opportunities holistically involving all stakeholders of the ecosystem and looking for connections between the opportunities 
  • We will learn that innovation is only possible when we prioritise correctly and when we approach innovation as a continuous improvement process where everything can be questioned. 
  • The most important step of this workshop is to prepare for the burning platform meeting with the executive team to convince everyone in your organisation of your ideas.

Let’s build something together.

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