So clearly this is ‘your thing’. You are a natural TED speaker. Thanks for coming and sharing such a thought provoking talk with us all… Clearly you have found your niche, I look forward to reading your book and then your next!

Dirk Daenen
 General Manager at UBI curator for TEDxLuxembourgCity

LearnScapes and intelligent collaborations in a human and machine double helix

Inspirational and thought provoking keynote about the opportunities that our hyper-connected and ever-faster changing world offers to encourage continuous growth and life-long learning. Practical insights into ecosystem thinking and intelligent human-machine collaborations that can be used to improve personal and organisational growth.

EdTech, LearnTech, MadTech … Whatever Tech? What will help us to keep up in this ever-faster changing world.

Will technology help us bridge the skill gaps in the or will it be the catalyst that widens the gap? This keynote takes you into the world of new innovations that support learning. You will be forced to reflect on the impact of human-centric innovations and ethics. We learn how technology in a human-machine story should help us to be more human as the world becomes more virtual.

Consilience: What can we learn from children to create the future of work

This motivational yet slightly provocative keynote takes you into the world of our children. A world where connection and virtual worlds are the new normal. What can we learn from them to be prepared for the future of work. Which competencies that children naturally have, we look for in our employees to develop a growth mindset culture in our organisation.

Lots of very non-trivial observations and provoked thoughts. Digital transformation in learning should not be looked at in isolation; it is merely a tool, and may have diversified effects, including non-obvious consequences. Inflow of information grows exponentially and time to reflect on this info shortens proportionally The future of Learning function might be not in delivering information but in guiding people how to learn AND stay sane ☯

Piotr Szkutnicki
HR Leader | Executive Coach canon Poland

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