Bridging Learning Ecosystems and E-coaching for Mastery, by Katja Schipperheijn and Matt Poepsel, PhD

Digital Coaching

Recently, we wrote a blog post (“From data repository to collaboration platform and bridging the knowledge gap”) that described how a range of IT infrastructures are being used to stimulate the flow of knowledge in organizations. In that blog post, we described the characteristics of “Stage 5” organizations that are using social learning techniques and learning ecosystems to bridge the corporate knowledge gap. That post received a strong reception, and in this post, we would like to describe the next frontier of learning and performance: learning ecosystems embedded with E-coaching to support individual mastery of new knowledge and skills.

The addition of an e-coaching platform and related ideas are based on prior doctoral-level research (Matt Poepsel) and a year of consultation with corporate organisations. In fact, the idea to link a learning platform and an e-coaching platform came from a customer who set out to implement a new…

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