Sales Essentials


The Habit of Improvement Sales Essentials training is a 2-day program for young sales professionals or experienced professional who want to strengthen their core selling and communication skills.

Learning Objectives

After attending this hands-on workshop, participants will have a better understanding and will start behaving differently when interacting with customers or even colleagues.

Some of the topics that will be included in the program are:

  • Understanding the buying process and how to influence the outcome
  • How to persuade someone of the value having a sales call with you
  • Turn talking mode into listening mode, understanding the value of open and closed questions
  • Understanding of customer insight and how to uncover them
  • Create value for your customer through benefits not features
  • What to do if your customer is indifferent to your product, service or organization
  • How to handle customer concerns
  • How to close the deal and move the relationship forward

Methodology of Learning

In this formal setting we will build in as many as possible informal learning moments. We will not train you but engage you in an interactive workshop. Formal theoretical lecturing will be strictly kept to a minimum. Practice and application is key.

We will work with you and pull you out of your comfort zone using:

  • Discussions in groups
  • Individual practical exercises related to your own workplace
  • Mini role plays
  • Role plays in subgroups

Your facilitator

All our consultants have a broad experience both in a business background and in a learning environment.  They are able to modify the program to the needs of the group while the workshop is running, ensuring a maximum learning experience for all participants

At Habit of Improvement we understand how people learn and therefore we will not lecture or train you. We will work with you on your personal challenges and difficulties


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