George has worked for the Xerox organisation as a Sales, Management and Quality Trainer in South Africa, Australia and the Netherlands. His last post with Xerox was on the operational side of the company as a Business Unit Manager for the South of the Netherlands.He has been working with AchieveGlobal for the past 18  years as an independent Trainer and Consultant.  This position involved consulting, advising as well as facilitation of the different training programmes and workshops in the areas of Sales and General Management in the following industries: pharmaceutical, medical technology, logistics, production, energy industries, financial services and service industries. Extending his International scope he has facilitated and facilitates seminars in the Middle East, Africa and across Europe in the English and Dutch language.

As a personal coach he supports his clients improving their ‘personal awareness and skills’ by opening new windows, unleashing talents thereby growing their personal and business opportunities.

I explore the interpersonal match, check expectations, listen carefully, ask effective questions, creating mutual understanding and decide together on an action plan.

He feels that his present activities provide him with a strong sense of current business challenges.  His understanding of a broad range of different markets and business cultures helps him to address quickly the business needs. Followed by defining the gap between present- and desired situation, resulting in a customised development plan for improvement at organisational or individual level.                                                                                                                                        

Based on his extensive international experience he has a clear understanding of the culture differences and is able to connect to the different cultural target populations and ensures thereby a strong learning environment.

His lifelong coaching approach towards employees and managers makes George a no-nonsense personal coach who gets results.