We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit –  Aristotle


The Habit of Improvement Methodology

We will ask difficult questions and challenge our clients with one sole purpose: build future-proof improvement into their strategy. To do this, we create a tailored team for each program, seeking the right people match to ensure sustainable growth and support the transition to a collaborative culture where openness, innovation and improvement become the new norm.

Throughout the consecutive workshops, we  analyze the terrain to construct our key deliverables. The initial intake interviews and state of the enterprise workshops  provides us for example with a holistic view on the firm’s current context, environment and problems.

Once we have gathered all necessary input and key deliverables we will translate this into the case for change; the burning platform to help you and your teams to understand “the sense of urgency”.

Depending specific customer needs and project scoping, whether it is a capability building or enablement 2.0 project, we will draw with you the plan for improvement and start a test project. Those smaller test groups can be very useful to lay down the foundations, create the structure and  build the edifice.

Once we implement a project company wide, we will work closely with your key-stakeholders to ensure a successful roll out of the project. While running the project, we will continuously do quality checks, necessary maintenance and adjust when necessary. We believe a project van always be improved, bypassing any of those steps can jeopardize the success and sustainability of the project.