Digital business

Improve Efficiency – Increase Profits

Enabling your growth through alignment of your “social” platforms  or Enablement 2.0 means we will help you with: 

  • Aligning customer-facing channels and social media for a better customer experience
  • Building internal and external communities
  • Providing flows of information to support  70-20-10 learning
  • Building architectures for learnscapes and coaching platforms


Socialized !

In the social era, organisations converge on a unified platform that enables customer-facing functions like sales, marketing, customer service and HR to seamlessly collaborate and share knowledge. A social strategy removes the silos between the organizations’s departments and customers by creating internal and external communities.

Learning and Coaching 

To succeed now, we have to continually refresh our stocks of knowledge by participating in relevant “flows” of knowledge. These flows occur in any social, fluid environment that allows firms and individuals to get better faster by working with others.

In order to learn we have to collaborate, follow training and coaching and practice with useful tools. This what Social Learning is about. In order to create such an environment we have to understand the cultures and drivers in organizations and build tailored platforms that integrate current working methodologies and tools to get to the desired outcome for both organizations and individuals.


Sales 2.0

Sales 2.0 brings together customer-focused methodologies and productivity-enhancing technologies that transform selling from an art to a science.

The success of any Sales 2.0 implementation relies on a repeatable, collaborative and customer-enabled process that runs through the sales and marketing organization, resulting in improved productivity, predictable ROI and superior performance.

It is important to understand that implementation of any tool will only be successful if the people in your organization are involved and understand the benefit those tools will have in their personal goals.