Organisational Culture Change

Do you see your organization’s culture as a significant part of your business’ performance equation?

Do you see it as a driver of your financial and overall performance?

If your answer is not a resounding “Yes,” then you may want to read on.

To better understand the relationship between culture and performance, you have to recognize that “who you are” and “what you stand for” represents your cultural capital, and cultural capital has become the new frontier of competitive advantage.

Whether you recognize it or not, your organizational culture is an important factor of your performance. Therefore, monitoring and measuring your culture is vitally important to your organization’s success.

Cultural alignment and cultural entropy significantly influence employee engagement, and employee engagement significantly influences organizational and financial performance.

Several research results indicate that a “strong culture” – as defined by the degree to which employees agree that the organization is living its desired values – has a significant impact on financial and overall performance.

As a result of these studies, and our experience of working with organizational cultures over the past ten years, we know that managing your culture requires a two prong approach:

  1. Improving cultural alignment through measures that improve the level of  staff engagement, and
  2. Addressing and eliminating energy draining systems, processes and behaviours that contributes to cultural entropy.

In this two day workshop we start from the results of a Cultural Values Assessment survey, conducted for your whole company.