Interim Management

management is the capacity to enable an alignment of human strengths for joint performance of all kinds (Drucker)

The need for flexible interim management has become widely accepted in the last decade as a way to help businesses become more flexible and agile when faced with market changes and new market opportunities.

The most common understanding of Interim Management is  temporary provision of management resources and skills. It can be used during a period of transition, crisis or transformation within an organization.

For us, Interim Management is more than this temporary provision of management resources and capabilities. We see it as a way to encourage sustainability and accelerate systematic improvement. We strongly believe that Interim Management has to happen in a climate of strategic alignment and knowledge transfer – where the change and improvement is never a time framed period but a continual track.

In the context of the 2020 Enterprise, our Interim managers and executives are:

  1. Excellent Team Workers and People Leaders:  An interim Manager is typically striving to grow the capabilities of the organization, to coach people on new paths. This is an effective leader who transfer knowledge,  skills or competencies to an organization
  2. Professionals that understand organizations from strategic level to the operational level: He/She can help your business to adapt to a changing environment and supports the transformational goals identified in the 2020 blueprint.  Our Interim manager will bring knowledge, expertise and an independent view on the subject matter while he/she works with your internal resources and helps them to ramp up the desired capabilities through knowledge transfer, coaching and training.
  3. Seasoned subject matter experts and program managers that offer a broad set of expertise and (implementation) experience and master best practices in your industry.