Advisory Board

Advisory Boards

At Habit of Improvement we believe that change and improvement are ongoing processes. Challenging the status quo and ourselves in search of the optimum results for our projects needs to be second nature. Sometimes, we are too invested in the change initiative to take an observer’s view and identify new opportunities

Many businesses choose to have an Advisory Board in order to benefit from that observer viewpoint. It allows them to access knowledge and experience without the expense or formality of the Board of Directors. Habit of Improvement can offer customers the ongoing benefit of our knowledge and experience beyond after growth accelerator projects to ensure sustainable results.

Gender Diversity

The potential effect on company performance of increased gender diversity in Board Rooms has been a topic of interest in the corporate governance sphere for many years. For many organisations, the meaningful participation of women at all levels of the corporate hierarchy is an important goal. However, finding women willing to take this position can be difficult. Habit Of Improvement can offer the opportunity to engage their female partners and associates, who have both the capability and the drive to make your company a success and add diversity to your Board Room or Advisory Board.