“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


Preparing an organization for 2020 means making sure we are ready not just to tackle future challenges but to pre-empt them. This involves a major investment of time, energy and resources to ensure that we have the right people in place, with the right skill set to ensure performance levels in an unpredictable environment.

Habit of Improvement works with clients to create strong structures for Talent Development. We carefully examine why and how our clients should invest their resources and we take a long-term view of the results. We use assessments and ongoing learning techniques that provide the means to measure progress and results.

By profiling as needed the behaviours and culture of your organisation, teams, leadership and individual members, we can closely identify problem areas and probable causes. From here we can define the means to change and advise on the best combination of training and coaching to achieve desired results, whether that be through our tailored workshops, coaching for your leadership on specific issues or on the change programme itself,  identifying the right specialist training provider for your specific needs or sharing our knowledge in an advisory role.

Effective Capability Building is just that: analyzing the terrain, defining the desired end result, drawing up the plans, laying down the foundations, creating the structure, building the edifice and providing for quality checks and necessary maintenance; bypassing any of those steps can jeopardize the success and sustainability of the project.