Workshop on Cultural Change

As a result of these studies, and our experience of working with organizational cultures over the past ten years, we know that managing your culture requires a two prong approach:

  1. Improving cultural alignment through measures that improve the level of  staff engagement, and
  2. Addressing and eliminating energy draining systems, processes and behaviours that contributes to cultural entropy.

In this two day workshop we start from the results of a Cultural Values Assessment survey, conducted for your whole company.

It shows us the results of what people consider as important for them as individuals, what they perceive as being important today in the organisation, and what they believe needs to be important for the company of the future.

These results deliver us a wealth of information on how to implement change, improve performance and even improve your bottom line results.

This workshop takes two full days, with a survey three weeks in advance. The survey takes about 15 minutes.

For whom?

  • Leaders and managers of organisations wanting to understand what lives underneath the surface of the organisation
  • Change agents, change leaders and change consultants


  • Values drive behaviour, behaviour drives performance
  • Values based leadership is proven to increase motivation and overall well-being
  • Higher retention rates
  • Becoming a Best Employer

 Your investment:

  • 15 minutes of survey
  • 2 days of attendance