Learning and marketing should be one strategic social office

By now, we should know that old silo’s and organigrams don’t hold anymore.  Why do we still have departments such as marketing, communications and learning when they all have the same purpose, driving business results, based on data, with the best workforce possible.  The 2020 Human Capital report by Deloitte pointed out that social organizations that can … Continue reading Learning and marketing should be one strategic social office

Which Learning Dogma do you worship?

As Learning Consultants we need to understand why our customers want to implement new or innovative learning approaches. In most cases cost reduction is still the number one, and sometimes only reason. However well implemented new learning approaches taking advantage of modern technology and proven teaching styles, lead to increased student performance thereby producing less … Continue reading Which Learning Dogma do you worship?

Training vs Learning

Recently a friend asked me about my profession as I changed my LinkedIn tagline to "Lean and Social Learning" expert. Apparently still many people active in L&D believe that their job is to "train" people in order to make them successful in their job. Do they not realize that when you train people the odds are big that they don't learn at all, moreover that they will not change the way they perform their jobs?

Building Corporate Culture with Social Learning in 5 Moments of Need

Recently I was asked for a keynote speech on social learning and a debate on the topic afterwards. Two questions where prominent and remained unanswered for me that evening. I will try to elaborate on those questions in this blog.

Why social learning amplifies lean learning

Organizations are always looking for ways to cut costs and improve their bottom line. Learning and development is one of the departments taking a large chunk of the resources and therefore under constant pressure to find more cost effective ways.

When do “Enterprise Social Networks” create value for an organization?

Online communities in the workplace are often referred to as Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) and there have been many studies searching for the answers to the question of organizational value. Some research suggests that companies that fully support social engagement are experiencing four times the business impact than less engaged companies.

Bridging Learning Ecosystems and E-coaching for Mastery, by Katja Schipperheijn and Matt Poepsel, PhD

Digital Coaching

Recently, we wrote a blog post (“From data repository to collaboration platform and bridging the knowledge gap”) that described how a range of IT infrastructures are being used to stimulate the flow of knowledge in organizations. In that blog post, we described the characteristics of “Stage 5” organizations that are using social learning techniques and learning ecosystems to bridge the corporate knowledge gap. That post received a strong reception, and in this post, we would like to describe the next frontier of learning and performance: learning ecosystems embedded with E-coaching to support individual mastery of new knowledge and skills.

The addition of an e-coaching platform and related ideas are based on prior doctoral-level research (Matt Poepsel) and a year of consultation with corporate organisations. In fact, the idea to link a learning platform and an e-coaching platform came from a customer who set out to implement a new…

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From Data Repository to Social Collaboration and Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Due to globalization and corporate conversations adapting from top down one direction broadcasting to collaborative multi-way inclusion, the need for platforms has grown. Employees become engaged in a new social thinking strategy to create a sustainable climate for personal and corporate growth. Corporate intranets where first introduced in the 90s and are at this point in … Continue reading From Data Repository to Social Collaboration and Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Social Collaboration vs Social Selling

Social Platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook can be an effective tool for finding new prospects or to get your message to potential buyers. However those tools will not help you to engage with your customers in the B2B environment or to guide you through the sales process. Nowadays customers control the buying process … Continue reading Social Collaboration vs Social Selling

We are still hunderst and collectors

Even if it's not berries and deer we're after, our DNA hasn't changed that much. As soon as food becomes abundant, we get to install a modern update on Darwin's theory. For survival stops being about physical fitness and turns to center around our mental fitness. In order to survive and gain competitive advantage within the evolution of the modern, networked homo sapiens … we take information as our food.